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Space and Security with Classic Garage Doors

Classic-Garage door-GreyA roller garage door is an ideal solution for people who want to gain some extra space and security. With a range of sizes, colours and options, we are sure to find the right garage door for you.

Manufactured in our UK factory, a roller door is a convenient, space saving, secure, safe, reliable door and, with
great "kerb appeal", is a wise choice.

After a long working day, in poor weather or in the dark, get out of your car in the comfort of your garage with a roller garage door opening at the push of a button and automatically welcoming you home.

Deciding on our system can save you a lot of space inside your garage. To be fitted the door needs only 300mm x 300mm of head-room space. Needing minimal sideroom our door can give you more drive through width.

Roller doors open vertically so you can park your car close to the door, ideal for short driveways. Our roller door also provides great strength
and security; perfect for large openings. This is backed by tests carried out to comply with European safety standard 13241-1 and also
security tested to PREN1630 level 1.

The insulated roller garage door is a great insulation barrier, Ideal for integral garages. Save on heating and help the environment.

Standard features include: -

  • Courtesy Light - The Courtesy light gives you a few minutes light when the door is operated.
  • Insulated and Strong 78/20 profiles have a high density foam filling inside a wall of aluminium creating greater strength and insulation. Ideal for integral garages.
  • Noise Reduction - The Roller Door 78/20 impressive 20mm thick curtain acts as a sound barrier.
  • Made of Aluminium - Our shutters are made of aluminium. Unlike steel this will not rust and looks much more attractive.
  • External or Internal Fitting - Roller Door 78/20 can be fitted internally or externally face fixed or in between the aperture

Find out more by downloading our brochure with all the specifications, options and colours.